Specialist Disability Accommodations

Everyone wishes to live with the proper support in safe and accessible accommodation; Eragon thrives on turning this dream into a reality!

If you have a high degree of disability, finding a mainstream home that meets your needs can be challenging. This lack of appropriate housing will impact your ability to care for yourself, move around and carry out everyday tasks. It will also make it hard for you to get out and participate in activities.

However, adequate accommodation will positively impact your life, allowing you to live comfortably to the fullest. In contrast to a typical house or apartment, our NDIS adhering, specialist disability accommodations have unique characteristics that provide the inhabitants with complex support. We ensure that people, regardless of disability conditions or physical limits, live with freedom, choice, and dignity. Our specialist disability accommodations guarantee better movement, physical access to supporting equipment, a solid building made of impact-resistant materials, and support provisions for clients with high support needs.

We believe in building comprehensive community relationships, and our team makes it possible for us to take care of all your unique needs without much hassle.