About Us

A Few Words

About Us

Living your life with respect, dignity, and independence is your birthright, and Eragon is here to ensure that you benefit from this right.


Eragon was established with an ideology to support the disabled community – our friends and family. We believe in contributing towards humanity by uplifting the confidence of our disabled community and enhancing their willingness to live with esteem. That’s why we are building an inclusive and accessible community for everyone to prosper.


Eragon combines several tasks, programs, projects, and support systems to improve and enhance the lives of our disabled friends. We dedicatedly work towards providing person-centered tailor support to develop robust, active, and inclusive communities.


Eragon thrives on offering and promoting specialized disability services, affordable accommodation, assistance with daily life tasks, and many more services. Our expertise currently caters to Eastern Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Northern Adelaide, Southern Adelaide, and Western Adelaide; over time, Eragon envisions to provide individualized support to every member of the disabled community throughout the Australian continent. 


Why Choose Us

No two days are the same here

We believe in allowing each client to retain their individual self as we craft our expert services according to their requirements. We aim at empowering the disabled community with independence, respect, equality, and dignity. Our strength lies with our highly engaged, professional, dedicated, committed, and reliable staff.

What we do

Provide immense love and support regularly

We offer individualized support services to our clients and build a client support team by matching the skills, personalities, values, and experience of our clients and team members. We believe in promoting individualism as every client comes to us with varied goals; we focus on delivering tailored support specific to each client.

Work with communities to enable all Australians to take part in community life in a positive way.
Work with partners to discover and explore ways of improving the well-being of people, families, and groups.
Work with the families, and individuals, to safeguard the right of disabled children and youth.
Coming Together
Work together to build up an organisation that is highly successful, dedicated, and involved.

Our Values

Our overarching values help us shape our identity, guide our attitudes, and hold us accountable to our clients. The following values enhance the common threads for improved service towards the disabled community:

EXCELLENCE: We achieve the highest quality and consistently go above and beyond the pre-defined objectives.

INNOVATION: We are brave enough to challenge the status quo and creative enough to stand out from the crowd.

RESPONSIVENESS: We believe in receiving positive outcomes by anticipating, acknowledging, informing, and performing.

EQUALITY: We treat everyone fairly and with utmost dignity and respect.

ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR: We indulge in ethical behaviour and keep honesty, diligence, and trustworthiness as the critical pillars of our organisation.

Our Vision

To empower our clients with essential life skills and enable them to live independently with respect and dignity

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a community for our clients to feel secure, safe, and independent.