Specialist Disability Accommodation in Adelaide: How It Can Change Your Life

If you have a disability and need accommodation, finding a home in Adelaide that suits your needs can be difficult. If you don’t have suitable accomodation, just living life can be a chore. Taking basic care of yourself, moving around and performing daily activities can all become challenging. Without the right accommodation, you may even find it hard to leave the house and engage in everyday activities. This limits your prospects for personal growth, development and community involvement – ultimately reducing your overall life satisfaction.

When you have the right home and the right aids, life is much easier. You can be comfortable, free to achieve your goals and bring value to your community.

Eragon is a service provider that helps people with disabilities find suitable housing. We offer NDIS-compliant and specialised accommodation, as well as advanced support to all our clients. Our goal is to ensure that all people with disabilities and physical limitations can live a life with freedom, dignity, and choice.

We design our specialised disability accommodations with you in mind. We offer easy access to supportive equipment and incorporate elements to aid movement, so you can move about freely. We also use high-quality impact-resistant materials to ensure your safety. And if you have extra needs, we’ll do everything we can to make sure they are met.

We offer a range of features to help ensure our homes are accessible for all. For example, we provide accomodation with large doorways and corridors to allow easy wheelchair access and lower counters and cupboards. We also provide housing for people with visual impairments, including braille marks on light switches and door handles or contrast-painted walls and door frames. Additionally, for those with hearing loss, we offer things like visual doorbells and smoke detectors with flashing lights.

At Eragon, we believe in building strong ties with the community. Our team is committed to making sure you get the everything you need without experiencing any unnecessary problems along the way. We take the time to understand your unique needs and work with you to identify the best housing for you. To guarantee that accommodations are customised to your unique needs and interests, our team works closely with each client. In order to help our clients live independently and comfortably, we also offer support services including assistive technology and personal care.

Our clients are actively encouraged to participate in the local community and events, since we believe that community involvement improves all aspects of life. Our staff is committed to assisting clients in finding and participating in social and recreational activities that suit their interests, while also allowing them to develop their confidence and interpersonal skills. 

You can trust that Eragon will provide you with a house in Adelaide that is secure, easily accessible, and tailored to your needs. We take our customers’ dreams of living with appropriate help in a secure and accessible environment and turn them into a reality. With our assistance, you can live comfortably and fully, with the freedom and dignity you deserve. 

Eragon is dedicated to helping our clients live their best possible life. We can help you whether you’re looking for short or long-term housing. Our team is committed to giving our customers the assistance they need to be happy and successful in all that they do. We are devoted to giving our clients the best possible service and supplying them with the assistance they require to live independently. 

For Adelaide residents with severe disabilities, specialist housing is extremely important. The right housing can bring freedom, choice, and dignity in addition to safety and accessibility. Eragon can make this dream come true by offering NDIS-compliant, specialised accommodation for those with disabilities. We can provide complex support for residents, aid in developing community ties, and offer support services like personal care and assistive technology.. We are committed to giving our customers the tools they need to succeed so that they can live fulfilling lives and actively contribute to their communities. Eragon works to provide our customers with the resources they need to live lives of dignity, freedom, and choice, whether it be through leisure activities, social gatherings, or volunteering in the community. 

By giving our clients the tools they need to prosper in their communities, we feel that we are enabling them to live their best possible life. To learn more about how we can help you in finding suitable accomodation, get in touch with us today

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